ADVO Media Kit

2006 Media Kit for ADVO, Inc.

Stochastic printing screens were used to produce an extremely high level of print quality with no noticeable dot pattern. 
PMS 8202 Metallic was used to provide a more modern complement to the company's logo, which used the more traditional PMS 287 blue. 
Information was intentionally structured to appeal to both investors and clients, and structured so that each spread contained an at-a-glance feature (such as the company logo page above) and a more in-depth editorial (such as the print optimization editorial on the right). 
Success stories and case studies were featured in the back of the brochure as proof points to the company's value proposition and points of differentiation. 
The company's flagship public service program, the "America's Looking for it's Missing Children®" program was the last feature in the narrative, leaving the reader on a more emotional high-note by reinforcing how ADVO's media delivery platform has been used to also reunite parents and children worldwide. 
The 2006 Media Kit and 10k wrap for direct mail company ADVO, Inc. This custom stepped brochure/folder combination was designed to tell the tell the company story in a way that was relevant to both clients and investors. The piece was printed in 7 color: CMYK + PMS 8202 Metallic, PMS 287 Blue and a dull varnish using stochastic screens so that there was no noticeable dot pattern. 
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